Dakawa High School officially began on 15th September 1992, 29 years ago. The school was co-education up to 2005. Through the decision by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the school was changed to Girl’s Secondary School with effect from 2005.

The School is advanced level which comprises of Form Five and Six with four combinations of HGK (History, Geography and Kiswahili) HGL (History, Geography and English Language) HKL (History, Kiswahili and English Language) and HGE (History, Geography and Economics). The school introduced ICS (ICT) subject in 201, it is compulsory for all students. Current Dakawa high School has a total of 428 students. The school has a total number of 35 teaching staffs and 4 non teaching staffs i.e. School Burser, Store Keeper, Personal Secretary and Chief Cooker. School has a modern library to accomodate 50 students at once. It has also two Computer Laboratories with 15 computers per each. The school also has a car which donated by parents last year 2020.

You are warm welcome at Dakawa High School, the place for conducive learning!!

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